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Rush Duel…Shadow Interview?

Featuring Gakuto’s and Yuro’s VAs.

The voice actors Natsuki Hanae (Gakuto Sougetsu) and Takuya Eguchi (Yuro Goha) from the show Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens (which airs weekly on Sundays 7:30 on TV Tokyo affiliated networks) will be having a Rush Duel using their own Decks! The video will be uploaded at 7 PM (JST) on Oricon’s Official Youtube channel where you will be able to watch them chip away their opponent’s life(points) while responding to a Shadow Interview. The show will be presented by Nagumo Daisuke (Oomori Menzaburo’s VA).

The spark for this plan came from a previous interview, in which a reporter interviewing Takuya Eguchi mentioned he would love to have another chance to interview him and talk about Yu-Gi-Oh! because they were around the same age, but the reporter lamented that he did not know the rules for Rush Duel, to which the cast responded they would gladly help him learn how great Rush Duel is.

Some days ago in October, Natsuki Hanae and Takuya Eguchi happened to visit the Oricon HQ. Bringing their own Decks, their goal was to explain the appeal of Rush Duels for people that still didn’t know about the game but…ORICON NEWS was on the scene to cover some entertainment news. A “Shadow Interview” took place in which each time they lost Life Points, they would have to answer a question related to Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

“Which of these did you like when you were a teenager: Dark Magician Girl, Mystical Elf, Harpie Lady Sisters or Dian Keto the Cure Master?”, “Try doing the face of Pot of Greed” and others were among the 10 questions that were prepared for them. Make sure to check out these awkward questions, somewhat embarrassing answers and the conclusion of their Rush Duel! The first video will be uploaded on November 27th at 7 PM (JST), and the second one on November 28th at 7 PM (JST).

(Note: “Shadow Interview” here is a localization for 闇のデュエルインタビュー , lit. Interview of Darkness, similar to the Shadow Games from earlier Yu-Gi-Oh where Duelists played in life threatening conditions, which were localized to being “sent to The Shadow Realm”)

As a second note, there’s no mention of any new card/product info in this article, so it may just be aimed at advertising the game in general and perhaps slightly aimed at people that like celebrity gossip, but if something new pops up, we’ll get to it.

The link to the first video for when it premieres is here (no link for part 2 yet). Source for the article.