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[Rush Duel] Saikyo Battle Decks: Descriptions of Each Deck’s Strategy

Also the official name spelling for the nerd in Pajamas

Yuga: “Hyper Machine Road”

Well-Rounded Style Deck

The strongest combination of the colossal Maximum and Spellcaster-Types!! Let’s pull off a flashy Maximum Summon by drawing a huge number of cards!!

Luke: “Dragon’s Dragons”

Super Aggressive Style Deck

Summon one powerful Dragon after another!! Inflict a huge ton of damage to the opponent via a series of combo attacks from your ace monsters and your other High-Level Dragon-Types!

Gakuto: “Fiendish Commander Three Legions”

Control Style Deck

Assemble the “Fiendish Commanders”! “Yameruler” prevents Aces from appearing. Attack directly with “Kimeruler”. Let’s change your ATK and DEF at your whim, to control the flow of battle!

Romin: “Psychic Beat”

Massive Turnaround Style Deck

A bold Deck with strong effects that are paid by consuming your LP! Let’s aim to make use of effects that turn the tide when you get pushed into a corner!

Roa: “Demon’s Rock”

One Hit Kill Style Deck

By Tributing High Level Monsters, you can unleash the power of incredibly powerful Fiends! One Hit Kill your opponent with Aces that power-up via ATK stealing effects and destruction effects!

Neiru: “Maximum Haven”

Technical Style Deck

A Cyberse Deck that specializes in Maximum Summons! Use technical effects to draw and adjust the cards in your hand, to quickly gather the three cards you need to Maximum Summon!!!

Asana: “Pride of the Machine Cavalry Style”

Certain Victory Combo Style Deck

Gather the Wyrm-Types who reign of the flow of battle! Create an advantageous situation using Field Spell Cards that support the plays of your monsters, to pull off a combo that decides victory!!


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