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[RUSH DUEL] Product Specifications for “Legend Awakening Pack”!

Mostly specifications.

Legend Awakening Pack / Legends Awaken Pack
Price: 2475 Yen
Release Date: March 4th, 2023

● Starting January 2023, the rules concerning Legend Cards change! Instead of a single Legend Card per Deck, you can now include 1 Monster, Spell and Trap in your Deck! This product is a Special Pack meant to meet the changing environment and expected demand from January 2023 onward.

● Multiple popular cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game are included as Rush Duel Legend Cards! And! There’s also a ton of support cards for prior Legend Cards, meaning you’ll now be able to make Decks based around your Legend Cards of choice, expanding the range and depth of strategy!

● 1 Box: 15 Packs Per Box
● 51 Cards
● 1 Over Rush Rare; 2 Secret Rares; 6 Ultra Rares; 8 Super Rares; 14 Rares; 20 Commons
● Ultra & Super Rare Cards also come in Secret Rare foil.

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