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[Rush Duel] Gold Rush Pack Rarity Spread

Sparkle sparkle

Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel: Gold Rush Pack
15 Packs per Box
Release Date: December 11st, 2021

An end-of-year pack appears which contains “Gold Rush Rares” which sparkle with gold!

■ It includes the new card rarity “Gold Rush Rare” that shines like gold.
■ It includes new original Ace Monsters that fit the image of the 7 main characters of the “Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS” animated series, as well as generic new cards, along reprints of hard-to-get cards!
■ Each Pack contains a card that’s Super Rare or higher, filled with gorgeous content suitable for the end of the year!

■ Product Contents
◇ 4 Cards per Pack
◇ Rarity Spread: 55 Cards (7 Gold Rush Rare; 3 Secret Rares; 7 Ultra Rares; 16 Super Rare; 22 Normal)
※ 3 of the Ultra Rares also come in Gold Rush Rares


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