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[Rush Duel] Duel Disk Yudias Version


Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel Duel Disk: Yudias Version

Release Date: December 17th, 2022
Price: 9900 Yen

Included Items:

(1) 1 Duel Disk (Exclusive Rush Duel)

• The latest life size Duel Disk that can be worn on your arm!
• Every Zone is reproduced, you can play Rush Duels while wearing it on your arm.
• It comes with over 150 original voice lines by Yudias, Yuhi, Yuamu, Zuwijo, Manabu and other characters from the animated series!
• It has Solid Vision and Life Counters lights tha light up, and you can enter Life Points! In addition, when your LP increases or decreases, replicating how it works in the animation series!
• It also supports Maximum & Fusion Summoning, and special effects can be activating by pressing the Monster Card Zone.
• It has a Field Spell Zone & Extra Deck
• It has a Slot for ID Cards and you can place whichever ID card you want!
• The Deck Zone can be detached from the Disk and used as a Duelist Card Case!

(2) 5 Different Promo Cards (Secret Rare Foil)

(3) 1 Set of 100 Special Duelist Card Protectors

(4) 5 ID Cards (Yudias, Yuhi, Yuamu, Zuwijo, Manabu)

Account ID Cards that fit the image of the characters from the animated series! ID Cards are the same size as Rush Duel Cards, and have designs with illustrations of the caracters!

Also, there’s a campaign to get your hands on a Secret Rare Special Blue Version of the Rush Duel version of “Dark Magician”!

It’s connected to purchasing the Yudias Duel Disk!

1000 People will be able to get this Special Blue Version Secret Rare of Dark Magician

(1) Get a Serial Code on a Scratch Card included with the Duel Disk Yudias Version!

(2) Access the Campaign Site, and input the Serial Code on the Scratch Card!

(3) If you win, you can input your information to get your prize!



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