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[RUSH DUEL] Change To How Legends Work

Nothing too major, but it gives you a bit more flexibility in Deck building options.

Starting January 2023, the rules regarding Legend Cards will be adjusted!

Up to now, you could only have 1 Legend Card per Deck, but now you’ll be able to have 1 Monster, 1 Spell and 1 Trap Card each in your Deck.

You Can Mix-And-Match “1 Monster, Spell, And Trap” Together!

For example, up to now, you could only include “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” as the only Legend Card in your Deck.

Starting soon, you’ll be able to include, for example, “Blue-Eyes White Dragon”, “Monster Reborn” and “Mirror Force”

Correct: “Blue-Eyes White Dragon”, “Monster Reborn” and “Mirror Force”

Wrong: “Blue-Eyes White Dragon”, “Mirror Force” and “Mirror Force”


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