Cardfight Coalition

Your Source for Rule Knowledge

The day I first founded the Organization, I knew that we must help players learn.

One service we provide is an attentive ear. We will listen to our players in need, and we will answer.

The game of Yu-Gi-Oh! can at times be complex or otherwise difficult to understand, but no longer – we will help you cut a path to the truth.

Feel free to ask us a question. You may do so by clicking “Ask Us”, under the “Rulings” heading on the site’s top banner.

As time goes on, we may stipulate some rules regarding what may be asked of us.

We’ll be waiting, and remember: we are here for you.

The Staff answering your questions includes:
Dan Parker | Archlord Azrael
Alex Gravely | AntiTcb
Earl Ratliff | Pharaoh Atem

Pharaoh Atem

I'm just a random person, spending time on nothing in particular.

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