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[COTD] Stargrail’s Chosen

This is a post for Code of the Duelist (COTD), not a Card of the Day. This time we introduce the second member of the Star Grails, and another Normal Monster!

COTD-JP019 星杯に選ばれし者 Seihai ni Erabareshi Mono (Stargrail’s Chosen)
Level 3 FIRE Psychic-Type Normal Monster
ATK 1600
Flavor Text:

An honest youth who has equipped himself with the remains of Mekstrosities.

Having long since admired the “Star Hero” told in stories around the Celestial Forest since ancient times, he accepted the fairy Reese’s request, and set out on a journey to to release the Seven Starelics with his comrades who have also been gifted by the light.

“Starlight Hero

Raise Your Sword and Gather the Light

You Must Vanquish the Great Darkness”

Note: Mekstrosity is a placeholder for the actual term until we get flavor text that allows us to see the Furigana which has a different reading than “Kikai”.



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