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Reminder for NA / LA Judges to complete the PC-1

If you’ve judged a Tier 3 Event, please read this.

Julia Hedberg, head of the Konami judge program, has recently made a post on social media encouraging judges to complete the Policy-Comprehension test.

Specifically, the post states that any judge in the North American or Latin American region that has judged a Tier 3 event (YCS, WCQ, UDS Invitional, etc.) should pass the PC-1 test available online before the end of the week. This is followed by a comment emphasizing the importance of doing this.

Currently, only the first Ruling-Comprehension (RC-1) test is mandatory for membership in the judge program, although the PC-1 test is heavily encouraged. Both of them, along with details on joining the program for those curious, can be found here.



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