[Reference Art] Visas Cards and Mikanko(s)

Hypnotize yourself and attain nirvana.

Vicious Astroud

“Since [Manadome] Prime-Heart is emanating its Manadome aura, it sounds interesting to make it so that this one emanates something like a universe aura”

Manadome Prime-Heart

Top left: “The aura it emanates turns into something like a shawl
Top right: “Energy blades also grow from the tip of its arm parts”
Bottom right: “Prime-Heart, much like [Manadome] Riumheart transforms, making the energy blades pop out in many different directions”


Fu-Ri the Orb Mikanko
Full art:

Note on outfit: “Half-translucent”


“They both sure love spinning those things, huh…”
*spinning sounds*


“There is no way someone as great as me would fall for hypnosi–”


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