[Reference Art] Uniform No. 39: Junior Baseball King, Home

There are two infinite things in life: Utopia reprints, and unsolicited baseball references in anime.

Full Picture:

Upper body:

Left: “Hard baseballs” (as in, not ones made out of rubber)
Right: “Dome-shaped baseball stadium”
Middle: “H” (its initial)


Top: “Elbow pads”
Middle: “Undershirt”
Bottom: “Batting Gloves”


Top: “Home base”
Right: “Umpire brush”
Middle: “Protective cup”
Left: “Baseball bat pad”

Lower body:

Left: “(Shoe) spikes”
Middle: “Shin guard”
Right: “H” (again, its initial)

Rightmost side:

“Right-handed batter”


“Oballay units” (yes, a pun on “overlay unit” and “ball”, which in Japanese can be done by changing 1 character. They went all out on this one)


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