[Reference Art] Gold Pride – Star Leon

Does this count as falling off your horse?

Full art:


Top: “A helmet styled after a motorcycle racer. The horn parts are comparable to a lion’s mane”
Bottom: “For the shield, I plan to make it half-translucent for the card illustration, so that you can see the expressions of the person”



Top: “By transforming the mecha horse into a power suit, he gains more speed and power!!”
Bottom: “Jet engine”


TL note: “Rollerdash” is a term used in the world of mecha. It refers to the use of wheels attached to the soles of the mecha, usually retractable. They are used mainly because of how impractical it is for the mecha to move on the ground through bipedal movements, where any other armored vehicle would just use wheels instead.


“Emblem: [a Lion] + [L (the initial for Leon)]”


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