[Reference Art] Centurion Primera, Trudea & Centurion Legatia

Aim for the top with Team HRDA King Calamity!

Centurion Primera & Trudea:
Full art:

Centurion Primera:

“4-Star Tuner”


“About 14 years old”


“Attached by magic”


“Her twintails are lively”


Top: “Banner’s mark”
Bottom: “A brigade formed where a shooting star fell”

Emet VI:

Right: “Primera’s spear”
Left: “Sticking [the spear] in the keyhole in its back activates Emet VI”


Left: “Side-view of the cockpit”
Right: “Primera’s mana”

Tail 1:

“It might be a good idea to make [the blades] disappear when she’s riding Emet”

Tail 2:

Top left: “Mana connector”
Top right: “Accumulates mana in the form of a tail”
Bottom: “The mana connects with the golem when she’s sitting down!”

“Eye color”:

Team part 1:

“Bunny team!”

Team part 2:

Left: “We’re gonna get to the top with this team!”
Bottom: “Primera thinks of the team as a three-man cell that includes the golem”

Inner clothes:

“Innerwear that’s similar to a leotard”

Centurion Trudea:


Energy source:

“Trudea -> turns into the energy source”

Face design:



“Her mantle looks translucent”


Top: “Lop ears”
Bottom: “She’s floating just barely above ground, and moves in a floaty-walking way (not very good at it)”


“Tail flame, she does it to copy Primera”



Top left: “She looks like mild-mannered, but she’s actually very quick to anger”
Right: “I’m furious right now!!”
Bottom: “Flames come out everywhere”
Left: *Flame noises*

Primera’s response:

“Just let them say whatever the heck they want”


Centurion Legatia:
Full art:


Top: “The forehead parts are modeled after the Bunny Team’s banner mark”
Left: “Primera’s effect color (yellow – orange)”
Right: “Trudea’s flame color (pink)”

“Back of the head”:

Size comparison:

Top: “Size comparison”
Bottom: “Emet VI”

Hips and legs:

Left: “The hip parts float and can be controlled freely”
Right: “Moves by levitating”


“The pink flames look like twin tails”

Shoulder parts:

“The shoulder parts can be used as weapons or shields”

“[Weapon Mode] Giant spear that looks like a drill”


“[Shield Mode]”

Hip parts attack:

Top: “[How the hip part attacks]”
Right: “MAGIC BEAM!”
Bottom: “The 6 parts can combine to unleash a giant beam”


“The orange tail flutters like a flag”


Thanks to Eva for the translations.

TL note: The phrase “We’re gonna get to the top with this team!” in the team note is the phrase that was used to advertise the Centurion theme in the Valiant Smashers poster/website, followed up by “Stand up! Centurion(s)!”.

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4 thoughts on “[Reference Art] Centurion Primera, Trudea & Centurion Legatia

  • August 26, 2023 at 5:57 am

    “About 14 years old”

    • August 27, 2023 at 1:18 am

      Didnt stop em

    • August 27, 2023 at 3:54 am

      Literally standard mecha anime protagonist age.

    • August 27, 2023 at 8:45 pm

      The target audience of Yu-Gi-Oh! and Mecha are 14 years old, buddy.

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