Rogue Deck Profile: Solemn Dinorphia of the Lost World, ft. DIFO Support

Two Words. Fusion Dinos. Convinced?


Strategic Summary:

Today’s profile features the Dinorphia archetype, a theme of DARK Dinosaur monsters that revolve almost entirely around Trap cards and paying life points. Each of your primary Dinorphia Traps carry a hefty price – half of your LP – in exchange for powerful tradeoffs. Let’s start with the key Normal Traps – Dinorphia Frenzy (YGOrg Translation) Fusion Summons a Dinorphia using a monster from your Deck and one from your Extra Deck, Dinorphia Domain (YGOrg Translation) Fusion Summons using any 2 monsters from your hand/Deck/field, and Dinorphia Alert (YGOrg Translation) summons up to 2 Dinorphia from your GY with a total Level of 8. The theme also includes some Counter Traps – Dinorphia Sonic (YGOrg Translation) gets to negate a Spell/Trap card, while Dinorphia Reversion (YGOrg Translation) may copy the effect of any counter trap from the GY. Given the hefty costs and the fact that you’ll probably spend the duel low on LP, the Normal Traps can be banished from your GY to prevent effect damage while the Counter Traps can prevent battle damage. But as I said before, this is a fusion theme, so let’s talk about them as well.

Dinorphia Rexsturm (YGOrg Translation) is the newest addition from DIFO, serving as a blanket floodgate preventing your opponent’s monsters from activating their effects while their ATK is greater than or equal to your LP. Since your LP will typically be in the double or triple digits, this is perfect. He also can pay half of your LP to change the ATK of all monsters your opponent controls to be equal to your LP, giving you easy access to destroy them in battle. On the other hand, Dinorphia Kentregina (YGOrg Translation) is your spear, offering 4000 ATK that drops by your LP and an effect to copy a Normal Trap’s effect by banishing it from your GY. As for the shield, Dinorphia Stealthbegia (YGOrg Translation) boasts 2500 DEF and lets you skip LP costs to activate any Trap Cards or Dinorphia effects once your LP drops below 2000. Also, it can inflict damage of its own to your opponent when they activate a monster effect.

As you might expect from a Trap-heavy theme, this is a control deck. Full stop. Your job is to control the duel from the getgo, reducing your opponent’s options then destroying them before they can bolster enough strength to force their way through your backrow. So I’m running a jam packed Solemn suite: Solemn Strike, Solemn Judgment, and Solemn Warning. This’ll stop them! And since the theme consists of Dinosaurs, you also get to make the most of great support cards like Souleating Oviraptor, to search our your Dinorphia Therizia (YGOrg Translation) and Dinorphia Diplos (YGOrg Translation) [the main deck monsters]. I’m also employing Lost World here, preventing targeting is great for protecting your big bosses, even if every Dinorphia monster can Special Summon another from the GY when destroyed by battle or card effect. Get out on the town and rough up your opponent with the Dinorphia! BIG COOL DINOSAURS GO!

Provided Decklist:

Monsters: 10
||| Souleating Oviraptor
||| Dinorphia Therizia
||| Dinorphia Diplos
| Babycerasaurus

Spells: 7
||| Fossil Dig
| Terraforming
||| Lost World

Traps: 25
||| Dinorphia Domain
||| Dinorphia Alert
|| Dinorphia Brute
||| Dinorphia Frenzy
|| Dinorphia Reversion
||| Solemn Strike
||| Solemn Warning
||| Solemn Judgment
||| Dinorphia Sonic

|| Dinorphia Rexsturm
||| Dinorphia Kentregina
|| Dinorphia Stealthbegia
||| Divine Arsenal AA-Zeus – Sky Thunder
| Dragonlark Pairen
| Number 24: Dragulas the Vampiric Dragon
| Evolzar Laggia
| Evolzar Dolkka
| Abyss Dweller


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