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[RD/SD02] Strongest Battle Deck Yuhi – Join and Explode! Join and Intensify! Full Set spoiler

Robot dinosaurs, apes, robot reporters, corporate robots and wee robot things. Singles unless specified otherwise.

RD/SD02-JP001 – Jointech Tossceratops (New)
RD/SD02-JP002 – Shield Boring Kong (Reprint)
RD/SD02-JP003 – Printing Presser (Reprint)
RD/SD02-JP004 – Shining Black Corporate King Arktalk the Corrupt (Reprint)
RD/SD02-JP005 – Ultimate Flag Mech Tough Striker (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD02-JP006 – Cleaning Machine Gorgain (Newly revealed reprint x2)
RD/SD02-JP007 – Elephound (Newly revealed reprint x2)
RD/SD02-JP008 – Machine Attacker (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD02-JP009 – Corktrooper (New)
RD/SD02-JP010 – Pantula (New)
RD/SD02-JP011 – Crusher Drone (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD02-JP012 – Ground Attacker Bugroth (Newly imported to Rush Duel)
RD/SD02-JP013 – Jointech Ace (Reprint)
RD/SD02-JP014 – Carpendra (New x2)
RD/SD02-JP015 – Reportrain (Reprint x3)
RD/SD02-JP016 – Crafter Drone (Reprint)
RD/SD02-JP017 – Rapid Carriearth (Newly revealed reprint x2)
RD/SD02-JP018 – Forkhawk (New)
RD/SD02-JP019 – Cliptera (Reprint)
RD/SD02-JP020 – Craftroll (New x2)
RD/SD02-JP021 – Stud Hedgepeg (New)
RD/SD02-JP022 – Screwmadillo (Newly revealed)
RD/SD02-JP023 – Tamabot (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD02-JP024 – Iron Onslaught (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD02-JP025 – Block Attack (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD02-JP026 – Heavy Cavalry Tactics (Reprint)
RD/SD02-JP027 – Attack Salary Cut (Reprint)
RD/SD02-JP028 – Reporting from the Scene! (Reprint)
RD/SD02-JP029 – Cross-Sword Deathmatch (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD02-JP030 – Thunder Spark (New)
RD/SD02-JP031 – Breaking News! (Reprint)
RD/SD02-JP032 – Triangle Reborn (Reprint)
RD/SD02-JP033 – Battle Demotion (Reprint)