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[TCG] Star Pack: Battle Royal Spoilers

This appears to be the full list of cards you can pull. Nothing new, but it’s mostly aimed at more casual anime fans and kids.

Superheavy Samurai Ogre Shutendoji
Superheavy Samurai Gigagloves
Superheavy Samurai Big Waraji
Superheavy Samurai Battleball
Superheavy Samurai Soulbuster Gauntlet

Bloom Prima the Melodious Choir
Bloom Diva the Melodious Choir
Schuberta the Melodious Maestra
Melodious Opera
Score the Melodious Diva
Solo the Melodious Songstress
Soprano the Melodious Songstress
Crystal Rose

Speedroid Tri-Eyed Dice
Speedroid Double Yoyo
Speedroid Terrortop
Speed Recovery
Urgent Tuning
Hi-Speedroid Kendama

Fluffal Sheep
Fluffal Lion
Frightfur Sheep
Frightfur Fusion
Frightfur Leo
Edge Imp Saw
Frightfur Chimera

The Legendary Fisherman
The Legendary Fisherman III

Yosenju Shinchu R
Yosenju Shinchu L
Yosenju Kama 1
Yosenju Kama 2
Yosenju Kama 3
Yosenju’s Secret Move
Mayosenju Daibak

Performapal Thunderino
Performapal Fireflux
Performapal Secondonkey
Performapal Drummerilla
Performapal Odd-Eyes Unicorn
Performapal Odd-Eyes Light Phoenix
Xiangsheng Magician
Xiangke Magician
Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon

D/D Necro Slime
D/D Swirl Slime
D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok
D/D/D Oracle King d’Arc
D/D/D Duo-Dawn King Kali Yuga



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