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Puzzle & Dragons x Yu-Gi-Oh! Collab Pictures

Of the characters you can get.

Kaiba Seto & Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Card

Jounouchi Katsuya & Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon
Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon

Ohdo Yuga & Sevens Road Magician
Sevens Road Magician Card

Luke & Dragias the Striking Dragon
Dragias the Striking Dragon Card

Dinosaur Ryuzaki & Two-Headed King Rex
Two-Headed King Rex Card

Insector Haga & Insect Queen
Insect Queen Card

Pegasus & Toon World
Pegasus & Relinquished
Toon World Card

There is currently no information if this event will run in the English Version of Puzzle & Dragons.


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