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[Deck Recipe] “Litmus Doom Swordman” Deck

A Deck that combines a variety of DARK and LIGHT cards for an unorthodox combo Deck.

“Litmus Doom Swordsman” + “Black Luster Soldier – Sacred Soldier” Deck

[Deck Concept]

A Deck that combines “Black Luster Soldier – Sacred Soldier” along with “Litmus Doom Swordsman” from Collectors Pack 2018.

Of the three Warriors to send from the Deck to the GY with “Beginning of Heaven and Earth”, especially strong options are “Litmus Doom Swordsman”, “Black Luster Soldier – Sacred Soldier” and “The Phantom Knights of Silent Boots”.

“Ltimus Doom Swordsman” gains 3000 ATK and DEF while there’s a face-up Trap Card on the field, so “The Phantom Knights of Silent Boots” adds vital “Phantom Knights” Continuous Trap Cards from the Deck to your hand with its effect.

The “The Phantom Knights of Silent Boots” you banish from the GY can be used again with the effect of “Black Luster Soldier – Sacred Soldier”, giving you another chance.

And to set “Beginning of Heaven and Earth” on your field, use “Lilith, Lady of Lament”, who can also be recovered from the GY to your hand with “Litmus Doom Swordsman” using “Recurring Nightmare”.

Also, your Continuous Trap Cards can be used as Tributes for Tribute Summoning “Vision HERO Witch Raider” who has the same Level 8 as “Litmus Doom Swordsman”.

3 Litmus Doom Swordsman
3 Black Luster Soldier – Sacred Soldier
1 Vision HERO Witch Raider
3 The Phantom Knights of Silent Boots
3 Lilith, Lady of Lament
1 Level Warrior

3 Litmus Doom Ritual
3 Pre-Preparation of Rites
1 Recurring Nightmare

3 Renewal of the World
3 Beginning of Heaven and Earth
3 Exchange of Night and Day
3 Phantom Knights’ Fog Blade
1 Phantom Knights’ Sword
3 Back to the Front
3 Call of the Haunted

1 Cherubini, Black Angel of the Burning Abyss
1 Wee Witch’s Apprentice
1 Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights
1 Underclock Taker
2 The Phantom Knights of Break Sword
1 Number 75: Gossip Shadow of Confusion
1 Leviair, the Sea Dragon
1 Mechquipped Angineer
1 Downerd Magician
1 Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon
1 Number 66: Master Key Beetle
1 Evilswarm Nightmare
1 Cairngorgon, Antiluminescent Knight
1 Number 90: Galaxy-Eyes Photon Lord


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