Premium Pack 18

Effects will come when we aren’t in infinite blur hell.

Junk Changer
Junk Kuriboh
Magic King Moon Star
Stardust Charge Warrior
Ultimate Legendary God, Ultimitl Bixibalkin
Number 37: Spider Shark
Number 38: Titanic Galaxy
Number 35: Ravenous Tarantula
Number 84: Pain Gainer
Number 77: The Seven Sins
Frost of the Monarchs(Emperor’s Freezing Air in the Viz translation for the manga)
Tsukumo Slash
Shining Hope Road
Red Supremacy
Harmony of the King’s Soul
The Phantom Knights of Shade Bringandine
The Phantom Knights of Dark Gauntlet
The Phantom Knights of Tomb Shield
Dark Advance
Angmar the Witch Monarch(Demon Emperor Angmar in the Viz translation for the manga)



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