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[GO RUSH!!] So About Nyandestar

Oh no, she’s pretty.

Nyandestar Turns Traitor

She Switches Sides, As The☆Lugh’s Servant!?

The ultimate battle with The☆Lugh inches closer to Earth! Yudias and co.’s next foe is… Nyandestar!?

Space Cat Form

Nyandestar Transforms!

Her Real Form


A Space Cat affiliated with MIK. For reasons unknown, she joins The☆Lugh’s side, and ends up having to Duel against her partner, Manabu!?

The☆Lugh is the one who cryogenically froze Nyandestar’s friends and family. Just why would Nyandestar join the other side…!?

Source: Weekly Shonen Jump

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