[Duel Links] Superb Tea (July 2018)

Superb Tea returns, with the classic boss of the Counter Fairy strategy.

Superb Tea appears as you Duel normally. Duel her to get Fairy related prize cards.

The key objective of her event is to obtain Fairy related cards, especially “Counter Fairy” cards that support Counter Trap Strategies.

Other goals are “Herald of Purple Light” and the like.

Unique Card Rewards

  • Voltanis the Adjudicator (UR)
  • Meltiel, Sage of the Sky (UR)
  • Herald of Purple Light (SR)
  • Zeradias, Herald of Heaven (SR)
  • Divine Punishment (SR)
  • Harvest Angel of Wisdom (SR)
  • Photon Booster (R)
  • Guiding Light (R)
  • Constellar Belt (R)
  • Wingweaver (R)
  • Light of Judgment (N)
  • Tenderness (N)
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