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Playmaker figma

A painted version of the figure is revealed, plus some specs and pricing


Now, it’s my turn!!

A figma of “Playmaker” from the hit TV animated series “Yu-Gi-OH! VRAINS”!

With Figma original joint parts you can smoothly and accurately depict the character in all sorts of actions. By using soft materials in important parts, the figures’ proportions aren’t ruined while managing to be able to pose the figure in all sorts of ways. Besides his cool ‘normal’ face, we’ve also included a ‘shouting’ face. You can change his look depending on the post with 3 sorts of “Look Change Parts”.

He also comes with a “D Board” and there’s a “Duel Disk” equipped to his left arm. Furthermore, he comes with “Ai”, “Cards” and “Cards in Hand”. And with a figma exclusive pedestal with movable struts, you’ll be able to recreate all sorts of scenes.

Product Name: figma Playmaker
Series Name: Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Maker: Max Factory
Category: figma
Price: 7,685 Yen + Tax
Release Date: September 2019
Specifications: ABS&PVC Painted Posable Figure – Non-Scale – Exclusive Pedastel Accesory
Height: About 150 mm
Prototype Production: Max Factory (SF345 TAIZOU)
Production Cooperation: 浅井真紀
Sales Agency: Max Factory
Sales Agency: Good Smile Company

Keep in mind the photos here may be different from the finished product due to the nature of the coloring process being manually done.



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