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[OCG] The 2023 Powerful Pro Collab Cards

We got a Dark Magician one and a Harpie Lady Sisters parody last year.

PPC2-JP001 Reinforcement of the Army (Alternate Art)

PPC2-JP002 球騎士の三人娘 Pawapro Knights no Sanninmusume (Powerful Pro Knights Sisters)
Level 4 LIGHT Warrior Normal Monster
ATK 1200
DEF 2400
(The three navigators of the Powerful Pro world.
(Left) Po-chan is cheerful, energetic and responsible, but the fly in the ointment is she’s forgetful.
(Right) Wer-chan is gentle, serious and calm, but sometimes loses her temper.
(Center) In the middle is Namiki, the girls’ big-time senpai, who’s trademark feature is her bag, and her beloved dog, Chikuwa.
The girls lead the players to the stadium, where they’ll finally face their destiny. And once there, the players take a big step forward.
— This is the beginning of everything; the great history of baseball.)

Note: This card is a parody of “Noble Knight Brothers”

Note 2: The last part of the text is a modified version of the flavor text for Noble Knight Artorigus in the OCG. Stylized like the TCG poem:
That fateful day. The ball players went forth
To where the ball stadium didst lay
‘Twas the first of many feats so great
-From the Tales of the Baseball Players



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