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[OCG] [Philippines] Yu-Gi-Oh Weekly Tournament Results (June 20 – June 22)

From what I’m hearing, the July OCG Lists have been used this past weekend. It still depends from each venue if they wanted to. So this is possibly the last report for the Philippine April format. It’s gonna be a week earlier for implementation, and as long as the majority of the community wants it, and if Konami doesn’t really mind, it’s a good plan all around.

You might be going like “y u use teh lists earlier?!” and “won’t this get you into trouble?” blah blah blah, but the fact of the matter is, no, we don’t get into trouble, yet. Not that I’m hoping for any implications, but this sort of serves as “warming up” to the new Lists when they’re fully implemented everywhere. We did it two weeks earlier last time as well (you can check out previous reports before April) because if we feel like it’ll give the players a bit more of a drive to play more next format, then we’ll go for it.

Oh, and I just remembered, I believe they have resumed organizing Tournaments at an old venue that kinda stopped doing so before I started this whole reporting racket. If you’re a Filipino player using original cards, you might wanna check this venue out if you’re near it. They started having Tournaments every Sunday.

Courtside Ermita (Manila)
2nd Flr, Robinson’s Place Manila, Ermita, Manila


So anyway, I went wordy on this because there’s not a lot of submissions this week.

Courtside Robinsons Galleria Pod 1A
Winner: Carlos Mejia
Deck: Tellarknight/Star Seraph

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Anaheim Hobby Shop
Winner: Chris Anito
Deck: birds4ever (Blackwing)

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Play 2 Learn Discovery Toy Shop
Winner: Archie Jay Lee
Deck: Geargia

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