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[OCG] [Philippines] Another first quarter format recap (Feb 28 – Mar 01)

Time for another end of the month recap. This one’s a bit more extensive than the last one (which didn’t even look like a recap), because more data is always good.

Also, warning for the fainthearted, numbers up ahead.

Two months into the first quarter format, and so far it belongs to Nekroz and Qliphorts.

Stressing the statement, so far.

With the release of CROS, there’s been a great comeback contender raking in wins this last week of February. If you haven’t guessed it yet, it’s Merlanteans.

No such Decklists have been submitted to me so far, sadly, but it’s self explanatory that Neptabyss has been a great help.

For any arithmophiles out there, we’ll be enumerating the prominent decktypes of our country’s format using percentages, rounding up to whole numbers because it looks neat that way. Also, the list below would only comprise the Decks that got more than two Tournament wins (and would be considered mid-to-top tier), which have gathered 74% of all total Tournament wins. All rouge Deck wins combined comprise 26% of the total data, thus being low-tier, and will be disregarded for now.

Nekroz: 33%
Qliphorts: 27%
Yosenju: 12%
Dragon Rulers: 9%
Mermail/Atlantean: 8%
Shaddoll: 6%
Masked HERO: 5%
Courtside Robinsons Galleria Pod 2B
Winner: Carlo Veloso
Deck: Shaddoll

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Courtside Robinsons Galleria Pod 3A
Winner: Vincent Maquiling
Deck: Hieratic Dark Matter

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Courtside SM Noth EDSA Pod 1
Winner: Eugene Paul Rigets
Deck: Qliphort

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SkullBuster’s semi-reliable Tally of weekly Tournament Winners:
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