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[OCG] [Philippines] Fire-powered railroad-mounted guns (Feb 14 – Feb 15)

Pretty sure this is something TCG does not fully have.
I hope it warrants some attention.

Bare minimum amount of submissions this week. It would have been heartbreaking if we didn’t get the Valentine feature on the Rank 10 railroad-mounted cannons of destruction.

Get it? Valentine’s? Heartbreaking?

Well that did not seem to be a first-class one-liner.

I just hope after this week, the schedule of submissions will get back on track.

Now I just have to discreetly cover my tracks before this whole platform becomes an imminent trainwreck.
Courtside Robinsons Galleria Pod 2B
Winner: Joel Amad
Deck: Hieratic Dark Matter

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Courtside SM North EDSA Pod 1
Winner: Carlo Evangelista
Deck: Volcanic Trains

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Anaheim Hobby Shop
Winner: Richie Bahan
Deck: Infernoid

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SkullBuster’s semi-reliable Tally of weekly Tournament Winners:
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