[OCG] [Philippines] Fire-powered railroad-mounted guns (Feb 14 – Feb 15)

Pretty sure this is something TCG does not fully have.
I hope it warrants some attention.

Bare minimum amount of submissions this week. It would have been heartbreaking if we didn’t get the Valentine feature on the Rank 10 railroad-mounted cannons of destruction.

Get it? Valentine’s? Heartbreaking?

Well that did not seem to be a first-class one-liner.

I just hope after this week, the schedule of submissions will get back on track.

Now I just have to discreetly cover my tracks before this whole platform becomes an imminent trainwreck.
Courtside Robinsons Galleria Pod 2B
Winner: Joel Amad
Deck: Hieratic Dark Matter

Monsters: 25
3x Hieratic Dragon of Eset
3x Hieratic Dragon of Gebeb
3x Hieratic Dragon of Nebthet
3x Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit
3x Hieratic Dragon of Su
2x Hieratic Seal of the Sun Dragon Overlord
3x Legendary Maju Garzett
1x Dragard
1x Eclipse Wyvern
1x Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos
1x Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls
1x Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

Spells: 15
3x Mystical Space Typhoon
2x Night Beam
1x Enemy Controller
1x Book of Moon
3x Book of Eclipse
1x Monster Reborn
1x Harpie’s Feather Duster
3x Hieratic Seal of Convocation

(Traps: 0)

Extra Deck: 11
1x Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack
2x Number 11: Big Eye
1x Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon
1x Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon
2x Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand
2x Galaxy-Eyes Full Armor Photon Dragon
2x Number 95: Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter Dragon

Side Deck: 15
3x Diamond Dust
3x Dust Tornado
2x Trap Stun
2x Maxx “C”
3x Artifact Lancea
2x Twister

Courtside SM North EDSA Pod 1
Winner: Carlo Evangelista
Deck: Volcanic Trains

Monsters: 16
3x Night Express Knight
3x Ruffian Railcar
3x Heavy Freight Train Derricrane
3x Volcanic Scattershot
3x Volcanic Rocket
1x Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord

Spells: 15
1x Instant Fusion
1x Harpie’s Feather Duster
1x Dark Hole
1x Monster Reborn
2x Pot of Duality
3x Mystical Space Typhoon
3x Terraforming
3x Revolving Switchyard

Traps: 9
3x Torrential Tribute
2x Vanity’s Emptiness
1x Call of the Haunted
3x Blaze Accelerator Reload

Extra Deck: 14
3x Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Superior Dora
2x Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max
1x Skypalace Gangaridai
1x Elder God Noden
1x Evilswarm Exciton Knight
1x Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer
1x Number 101: Silent Honor ARK
1x Number 103: Ragnazero
1x Lavalval Chain
1x Daigusto Emeral
1x Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon

Side Deck: 15
1x Vanity’s Emptiness
1x Yuki Usagi
2x Book of Eclipse
2x Effect Veiler
2x Twister
2x Diamond Dust
2x Skill Drain
3x Artifact Lancea

Anaheim Hobby Shop
Winner: Richie Bahan
Deck: Infernoid

Monsters: 22
2x Infernoid Shaitan
2x Infernoid Antra
2x Infernoid Harmadik
3x Infernoid Patrulea
1x Infernoid Piaty
1x Infernoid Belphegor
3x Infernoid Seitsemas
1x Infernoid Attondel
2x Infernoid Lilith
2x Infernoid Onuncu
2x Card Trooper
1x Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos

Spells: 13
1x Void Expansion
2x Frozen Void
3x Void Seer
1x Harpie’s Feather Duster
3x Reasoning
2x Monster Gate
1x Burial from a Different Dimension

Traps: 8
2x Void Launch
2x Eye of the Void
2x Breakthrough Skill
2x Needlebug Nest

Extra Deck: 8
2x Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack
2x Number 11: Big Eye
2x Lavalval Chain
2x Wind-Up Zenmaines

Side Deck: 12
3x Royal Decree
3x Mystical Space Typhoon
3x Lava Golem
3x Soul Release

SkullBuster’s semi-reliable Tally of weekly Tournament Winners:
JM Pornete – 6
Louren Vidad – 6
Jan Erich Carl Agulto – 3
Junely Santos – 3
Stychen Tan – 3

Benn Alcantara – 2
Carlo Evangelista – 2
Carlo Santos – 2
Cliff Richard Georpe – 2
Cristian Discipulo – 2
Jeff Benedict Cai – 2
Joel Amad – 2
John Paul Oaferina – 2
Kenneth Albert dela Cruz – 2

Abiel Alejandro – 1
Anan Quipit – 1
Archie-Jay Lee – 1
Carlo Veloso – 1
Carlos Alejandro Badoria – 1
Carlos Mejia – 1
Errol Tesorero – 1
Eugene Paul Rigets – 1
Gerald Kent Hui – 1
Hendro Remo – 1
JC Francisco – 1
JK Zafra – 1
John Ducut – 1
Joshua Eclevia – 1
Junjun Agoto – 1
Kenneth Paragas – 1
Khamille Tong – 1
Lawrence Ong – 1
Mark Mojica – 1
Merix Bartolo – 1
Mike Donnellan – 1
Richie Bahan – 1
Rick Bryan Mondonedo – 1
Toneah Vergara – 1
Walter Fat – 1
Zaccheus Liwanag – 1

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