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[OCG] [Philippines] Dem wacky Infernoid names tho (Weekly Results) (January 10 – January 11)

I’m personally still not accustomed to the TCG Qliphort names (as you can see, me no call dem Qli), here comes more changes with the influx of Infernoids. My weeaboo senses can’t handle the pain.

Good thing /yugiohdb is a good friend.

Only three submissions this week, that’s the bare minimum I’m willing to make an article with. I will promise to do my best to keep the hype train up, since I do like sharing what we got, despite the negative comments the articles would get (because I often ignore them).

One thing I’m contemplating about is if I will still keep the player tally below, or change its mechanics. I’ll consult the higher-ups in the Org about it.

Lastly, there’s one unsubmitted Nekroz winner this week. Don’t worry about it.
Courtside Robinsons Galleria Pod 1B
Winner: Merix Bartolo
Deck: Infernoids

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Courtside Robinsons Galleria Pod 4B
Winner: Mike Donnellan
Deck: Blackwings

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Courtside SM North EDSA
Winner: Louren Vidad
Deck: Qliphorts

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SkullBuster’s semi-reliable Tally of weekly Tournament Winners:
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