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[VRAINS] Final Episode Comments from the Cast & Crew

Commentary by the Japanese cast members.

Cast Commentary
Q.1 What memory stands out the most to you?
Q.2 What message do you have for your audience?
(※ All Questions are Shared)

Shouya Ishige (Yusaku Fujiki/Playmaker)
To be honest, no matter how I cut it, I can really only remember how the relationship Yusaku and Ai’s relationship changes at key points, and it’s these scenes which exudes every thought is ultimately etched into my memory.

Thank you very much for supporting “Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS”.
I was really glad to meet Yusaku, this series, and everyone involved.
The series might end, but Yusaku still has a long journey ahead of him.
I hope to meet you again someday, INTO THE VRAINS!!

Takahiro Sakurai (Ai)
My best memory was meeting the rest of the cast and the character “Ai”. It was a wonderful time.

I felt the passion and love of “Yu-Gi-Oh!” fans.
I’m really happy to have appeared in such a historical series, and it was fun more than anything else. Thank you all very much.

Subaru Samura (Shoichi Kusanagi)
After recording, I went to lunch with rest of the cast every week.
I think I was able to understand them more by talking with them.
I don’t have many solid specific memories.

I hope VRAINS made you feel our bonds (of friendship)!

Yuki Kaji (Takeru Homura/Soulburner)
I have a ton of wonderful memories… I can’t decide which is the best.
Soulburner’s first Duel, fighting side by side with Playmaker, meeting and losing Flame, settling things with Revolver… …
Also, having lunch with the rest of my fellow cast members, celebrating birthdays and marriages with everyone, becoming friends with Ishige-kun, the things Sakurai-san said… … All of these are unforgettable memories for me. I’m really happy to have been a part of VRAINS.

I’m putting my all into my performance.
Please watch Playmaker and Soulburner fight to the story’s end!
Will you see Takeru truly unmasked…!? (*Chuckle*) Stay tuned!!

Shunsuke Takeuchi (Ryoken Kogami/Revolver)
I met a lot of people. Especially, I feel like the times I spent in VRAINS as the rival of Ishige-san are the times I treasure the most.
And such a wonderful cast, staff and most of all, “Yu-Gi-Oh!” fans, who helped created this story, I don’t this is an experience I’ll ever be able to top.

Thank you for supporting VRAINS up until now!
Please look forward to what awaits “Yu-Gi-Oh!” in the future.
I hope you’re able to expand the number of Duelists around you by welcoming and including your friends.



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