Cardfight Coalition

As leader of the Organization, I issue my utmost apologies.

We were planning to run an event today, but because a large number of entrants entered without paying and without having a free admission coupon, we were forced to terminate the illegitimate entrants.

This left behind a very small number of people who actually entered the event properly.

Several of our legit entrants expressed that they would not want to play in an event with so few people: they want to wait for more people to enter, so that a greater prize and greater event may be held. We agreed.

For that reason, we are refunding admission paid, and rescheduling our event.

The fact that this happened at all rests solely on my shoulders as leader, and so, I ask that blame is assigned to me alone. The rest of the Organization is not at fault. Rest assured that I am better prepared to deal with people who wish to enter without paying.

We would like to hear your opinion on when we ought reschedule. Please comment below.

Pharaoh Atem

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