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Another Interview with Matt Bell

Farfa interviews Matthew Bell again for Community Day.

Discussion covers things such as:

  • How did the set “Duelist Alliance” came to be?
  • What will they be doing with Link Monsters?
  • What was the biggest success competitively with 2019?
  • Why are there more Dragons and Warriors than Pyro or Sea Serpent?
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! and Set Rotation
  • Will there be more Duel Devestator esque products?
  • What is the process for picking cards currently only in the OCG, that are in non-core Sets and bringing them to the TCG?
  • How are names are localized? (Such as Magical Something)
  • On improving pre-registration at European Events, and such.

The entire video is about 14 minutes long.


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