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[OCG] Mysterious Official Twitter Text (March 14th)

Remember the flavor text of Megalosmasher X being posted? We have another.

星神に鎮魂の祈りを捧げる巫女。 手にした杖は代々受け継がれし祭器であり、力を結界に変えて機界騎士による支配から森の民を守護している。 森の守護竜が懐く程の神通力をその身に秘めているが、普段は兄と幼馴染を大切に想う、心優しい少女の顔を見せる。

“A shrine maiden who offers requiem prayers to the celestial deity of the planet. The staff she has obtained is a ritual tool handed down through generations, used to guard the people of the forest from the rule of the mechanical knights by converting energy into barriers. Though she hides a mystical power within herself linking her to the forest’s guardian dragon, she is usually a kind girl who treasures her childhood friend and her older brother.”

Note: 機界騎士 (kikai kishi) means literally Machine World Knights, but it could be taken as either a world of machines or possibly digital. The play on words is that the “kai” in “kikai” (machine) here has been replaced with the “kai” meaning “world”.

The 星神 (seishin) means literally Star Deity, but the rest of the lore vaguely sounds like a nod to the Duel Terminal World, where 星 often mean the planet of the DT setting. So.



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