[OCG] Official Website Updates 5/21/2015

Nothing too terribly exciting. Mostly a grab bag

Crush Card and Toons doubly confirmed for Duelist Pack: Battle City.

Master of Pendulum is a pretty bland green thing with Odd-Eyes as the displayed cover card

And just general “Dimension of Chaos” Product Page is up. Also confirms Majespecter is meant to be sort of inside-out version of Igknights, using Pendulum Summons to add your next key cards to your hand to unleash more explosive combos.

This month’s YGO Day for Japan is focused on Duelist Pack: Battle City. If you play in your store’s Dueling area and have bought 1 or more packs of Duelist Pack Battle City, you get a free paper mat with Yugi and Kaiba on one side, and Yuya and his new Odd-Eyes on the other

Also, finally, a video covering the basics of the 20th Legendary Collection promos (Number S0 and Sifr and pals)

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