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[OCG] Yu-Gi-Oh! United Duel Tournament Pre-Special (July 2021)

Three cards and an Enako.

“Guardian Angel Joan” (Secret Rare SPECIAL BLUE Ver.)

A physical copy of Joan!

10 People get a Duel Field featuring the new alternate art of “I:P Masquerena” via a Twitter campaign!

  1. Yu-Gi-Oh! United Duel Tournament Pre-Game Special Chit Chat
  2. 遊戯王
  3. Yu-Gi-Oh! News (1)
  4. Deck Introduction
  5. Enako Cosplay Part 2
  6. Yu-Gi-Oh! News (2)

A game of what’s being said with this card’s art.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! United Duel Tournament in November 2020 had 625 pods of 8 People Dueling, with a total of 4693 Entrants

Duel Field: Spirit Charmers

“Mirror Force” (Secret Rare SPECIAL BLUE Ver.)

“Numeron” Deck

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“Eldlich” Deck

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“Cyber Dragon” Deck

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Meming of “What Is This Card Saying”



“Solfachord” Playmat

“Utopia” Playmat

The July 17th and 18th Yu-Gi-Oh! Day

Deck Introductions

“Prank-Kids” Deck

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“Blue-Eyes” Deck (Ms. Enako’s Deck)

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Dragon Chaos Deck

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Enako Cosplay!

Reference Art for Ms. Enako’s “I:P Masquerena” cosplay

Enako doing I:P Masquerena Cosplay

HD Reference Art of “Ursatron, the Celestial Polar Illuminaship”

6000 People will be Dueling this time around

A. Tournament Rules

  • Master Rule (April 1st 2020) Rules
  • Best of 1 Format
  • Tie Games Are Legal

Tournament Format

  • Duels are Best of 1 for 25 Minutes
  • The Event is 3 Rounds of Swiss within your Pod

Guidelines includes Face Masks are permitted, you shuffle your own Deck, you can request to check your opponent’s Grave and Banished cards, etc.

Thanks to Kyrie and Sanokal for Transcribing Decks



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