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[OCG] Yosenju Clarifications

Konami’s official article on the new Yosenju cards clarifies how to use them!

With regards to “Yosenju Saburoukaze”

“Place Face-Up into Spell & Trap Zone”

This effect does not “Activate” the card taken from the Deck, as it’s an effect that resolves by placing a card face-up on the field. Since it does not “Activate”, you do not have to handle the “activation condition” of “Dizzying Winds of Yosen Village” (i.e. “Activate this card only if you control a Level 6 or higher “Yosenju” monster.”) OR paying the cost of “Yosen Whirlwind” (i.e. “Activate this card by paying 800 LP.”)

With regards to “Yosenju Wind Ritual”

What is a ‘”Yosenju” Monster Card’?

A ‘”Yosenju” Monster Card” you control’ does not refer to strictly cards in the Monster Zone, it can count cards in the Pendulum Zone. This differs from a ‘”Yosenju” monster you control’ as in this case it refers to the original kind of “Card”.


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