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[OCG] Starter Deck 2016

The full list is finally here!


ST16-JP001 Performapal Sleight Hand Magician
ST16-JP002 Performapal King Bear
ST16-JP003 Performapal Swing Cobra
ST16-JP004 Performapal Carpet Momonga
ST16-JP005 Performapal Parrotrio
ST16-JP006 Performapal Longphone Bull
ST16-JP007 Performapal Seesawhopper
ST16-JP008 Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon (Parallel Rare)
ST16-JP009 Stargazer Magician
ST16-JP010 Timegazer Magician
ST16-JP011 Performapal Drummerilla
ST16-JP012 Performapal Secondonkey
ST16-JP013 Performapal Hip Hippo
ST16-JP014 Foucault’s Cannon
ST16-JP015 Archfiend Eccentrick
ST16-JP016 Gene-Warped Warwolf
ST16-JP017 Beast King Barbaros
ST16-JP018 Pitch-Black Warwolf
ST16-JP019 Dragon Dowser
ST16-JP020 Giant Rat
ST16-JP021 Performapal Dramatic Theater
ST16-JP022 Smile World
ST16-JP023 Hippo Carnival
ST16-JP024 Draw Muscle
ST16-JP025 Mystical Space Typhoon
ST16-JP026 Lightning Vortex
ST16-JP027 Book of Moon
ST16-JP028 Lucky Iron Axe
ST16-JP029 Burden of the Mighty
ST16-JP030 Back-Up Rider
ST16-JP031 Performapal Showdown
ST16-JP032 Performapal Pinch Helper
ST16-JP033 Wall of Disruption
ST16-JP034 Ceasefire
ST16-JP035 Raigeki Break
ST16-JP036 Draining Shield
ST16-JP037 Threatening Roar
ST16-JP038 Dark Bribe
ST16-JP039 Chaos Burst
ST16-JP040 Pendulum Reborn

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