[OCG] Product Description for Gekitotsu! Duel Carnival!

It includes some new news!

■ “Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL” Gets Its First Video Game!
Play as your favorite character in the World Duel Carnival, and win to move forward and advance the story!

■ Over 40 Different Characters Appear!
Major characters Duel fully voiced!
Every character has their own story!

■ “Easy Mode” is included for the first time!
“Easy Mode” is included for the first time! It’s a setting that allows even beginners to enjoy a Duel reasonably.

■ It has the most cards included in a Yu-Gi-Oh! Video Game ever!
The game contains over 5,500 cards, up to Duelist Pack 15: The Kamishiro Siblings!
Make full use of a ton of different cards to make your Deck even stronger!



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