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[OCG] Jack Knight Deck Introduction Video

Basically, Konami gives a quick overview of the Jack Knights and how they intend them to function. Most of this can be followed via visuals.

Chiefly, Konami overviews how the Jack Knights work with the column effect.

They also explain one of the more basic but strong combos is, say, your opponent activates Dark Hole, and you have “Whispers of the World Legacy” face-up on the field, you can use the effect of say, “Jack Knight of the Azure Blue” to move Azure Blue to Dark Hole’s column, and negate it.

Cards they recommend using in tandem with the Jack Knights are:

Instant Fusion, which you can set in the column of an opponent’s card to Summon a Jack Knight, and then use the Monster you Fusion Summoned, say Sea Monster of Theseus, to summon another Jack Knight.

Honest, because, well, Honest.

Teleport, because it allows you to Special Summon a Psychic-Type for the cost of 800 LP, but also provides a Column.

But simply put, nothing new is revealed.



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