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[OCG] Gekitotsu Duel Carnival News – 2 New Characters

Again, viewers of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL dub will know these two from recent episodes.

New characters appear one after another!

Lovely Female Characters Appear In The Game!!
Popular female characters who appeared in the animated series “Zexal” appear in the game!!

Kamishiro Rio (Rio Kastle)
Kamishiro Ryouga (Reginald Kastle)’s little sister, she uses WATER cards just like her brother.

Hanazoe Aika (Lotus)
President of the Ikebana Club. She makes splendid use of her Plant-Type Deck!!

She’s busy going about, trying to convey her heart and soul, that loves Ikebana!

She’s competing in the tournament to settle the destined Duel with her brother!!


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