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[OCG] Fusion Enforcers Poster

And the third theme is revealed!


The Poster’s been revealed, revealing what looks to be a Level 10 evolution of Starving Venom Fusion Dragon.

As well, the new theme 召喚獣 (Shoukanjyuu) appears. The context of the name is a bit unclear, but it’s described as summonining entities from another world! So “Summoned Beasts” perhaps.

Of note, this term is the same as the term used for the Summons from Final Fantasy 13 which were localized as Eidolons, and Esper in Final Fantasy 12.

Please wait for the next 72 hours for more information on the new boss for Yuri’s Deck and the 召喚獣

The Tagline for the Poster and Set is:

執行せよ!境界を越える無限の力!渾然の融合召喚!(Execute! The infinite power beyond the boundary of what’s possible! The perfect Fusion Summon!)


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