[OCG] “Duelists of Explosion”: Further Details & Clarifications

Hopefully this is the last time I need to post info from this set.

Release Date: May 27th, 2023
MSRP: 2648 Yen

The latest Duelist Pack that contains themes used by Duelists from past series appears!!

The latest “Duelist Pack” pack appears that powers up Decks used by characters in prior series!!

This time Duelists that use FIRE monsters get a huge pick-up!

In honor of the 25th Anniversary, there will be a special reprinted card intended to be used with upcoming products comes in Ultra Rare!

The Super Rares and 5 Ultra Rares get Secret Rare foiling!

5 Cards per Pack

47 Different Cards

1 Holographic Rare
6 Ultra Rare
7 Super Rares
9 Rares
25 Commons

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