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[OCG] Duelist Road -Piece of Memory- Spoiler List

Complete Set Lists for Both Packs

Duelist Road -Piece of Memory- side:Muto Yugi
15AX-JP000 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (Holographic Rare)
15AX-JPM01 Dark Magician Girl (Secret Rare, Original Artwork, Purple)
15AX-JPM02 Dark Burning Attack (Secret Rare)
15AX-JPM03 Ring of Piece/Peace (Secret Rare)
15AX-JPM04 Electromagnetic Turtle (Common)
15AX-JPM05 Black Illusion (Common)
15AX-JPM06 Celtic Guardian (Secret Rare, WJ-02 Artwork)
15AX-JPM07 Red-Eyes B. Dragon (Secret Rare, Original Artwork)
15AX-JPM08 Tiger Axe (Common, WJ-05 Artwork)
15AX-JPM09 Zoa (Common)
15AX-JPM10 Seiyaryu (Secret Rare)
15AX-JPM11 Pendulum Machine (Common, WJ-08 Artwork)
15AX-JPM12 Launcher Spider (Common, WJ-07 Artwork)
15AX-JPM13 Millennium Shield (Common, Original Artwork)
15AX-JPM14 Kanan the Sword Mistress (Common)
15AX-JPM15 Magician’s Valkyria (Secret Rare)
15AX-JPM16 Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon (Common, P5-07 Artwork)
15AX-JPM17 Gilford the Lightning (Secret Rare, Original Artwork)
15AX-JPM18 Panther Warrior (Common, L3-04 Artwork)
15AX-JPM19 Harpie’s Pet Dragon (Common)
15AX-JPM20 Cyber Harpie Lady (Common)
15AX-JPM21 Amazoness Chain Master (Common)
15AX-JPM22 Metalzoa (Common)
15AX-JPM23 Masked Beast Des Gardius (Secret Rare)
15AX-JPM24 Hannibal Necromancer (Common)
15AX-JPM25 Fairy King Truesdale (Common)
15AX-JPM26 Teva (Common)
15AX-JPM27 Exarion Universe (Common)
15AX-JPM28 D.D. Assailant (Secret Rare)
15AX-JPM29 Rigorous Reaver (Common)
15AX-JPM30 Goddess of Whim (Common)
15AX-JPM31 Sinister Serpent (Secret Rare, Text Errata’d)
15AX-JPM32 Zera the Mant (Common)
15AX-JPM33 Super War Lion (Common)
15AX-JPM34 Dragon Master Knight (Secret Rare)
15AX-JPM35 Thousand Dragon (Common, WJ-04 Artwork)
15AX-JPM36 Alligator’s Sword Dragon (Common)
15AX-JPM37 Flame Swordsman (Common, 2nd Artwork with the crappy looking hand)
15AX-JPM38 Monster Reborn (Secret Rare)
15AX-JPM39 Graceful Dice (Common)
15AX-JPM40 Salamandra (Common)
15AX-JPM41 Sage’s Stone (Secret Rare)
15AX-JPM42 Cyber Shield (Common)
15AX-JPM43 Temple of the Kings (Secret Rare, Text Errata’d)
15AX-JPM44 The Mask of Remnants (Common)
15AX-JPM45 Polymerization (Secret Rare, Volume 6 Artwork)
15AX-JPM46 Seal of the Ancients (Common)
15AX-JPM47 Harpie’s Feather Duster (Common, P5-02 Artwork)
15AX-JPM48 Skull Dice (Common)
15AX-JPM49 Magical Arm Shield (Common)
15AX-JPM50 Kunai with Chain (Common, P5-04 Artwork)
15AX-JPM51 Exchange of the Spirit (Secret Rare, Errata’d Text)
15AX-JPM52 Metalmorph (Common, P5-06 Artwork)
15AX-JPM53 Trap of Darkness (Common)
15AX-JPM54 Widespread Ruin (Common, P5-08 Artwork)
15AX-JPM55 Windstom of Etaqua (Common)
15AX-JPM56 Aqua Chorus (Common)
15AX-JPM57 The Wicked Eraser (Secret Rare)
15AX-JPM58 The Wicked Dreadroot (Secret Rare)
15AX-JPM59 The Wicked Avatar (Secret Rare)

Duelist Road -Piece of Memory- side:Yami Yugi
15AX-JP000 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (Holographic Rare)
15AX-JPY01 Dark Magician (Secret Rare, Original Artwork)
15AX-JPY02 Black Burning Magic (Secret Rare)
15AX-JPY03 Eternal Soul (Secret Rare)
15AX-JPY04 Dark Renewal (Common)
15AX-JPY05 Gaia the Fierce Knight (Secret Rare, WJ-01 Artwork)
15AX-JPY06 Summon Skull (L3-01 Artwork)
15AX-JPY07 Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Secret Rare, Original Artwork)
15AX-JPY08 Vorse Raider (Common, LE5 Artwork)
15AX-JPY09 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp (Common, L3-07 Artwork)
15AX-JPY10 Sorcerer of Dark Magic (Secret Rare)
15AX-JPY11 Mosiac Manticore (Common)
15AX-JPY12 Slate Warrior (Common)
15AX-JPY13 Puppet Master (Common)
15AX-JPY14 Viser Des (Common, GB7 Artwork)
15AX-JPY15 Gernia (Common)
15AX-JPY16 Goblin Zombie (Secret Rare)
15AX-JPY17 Mystical Beast of Serket (Common)
15AX-JPY18 Gate Guardian (Common)
15AX-JPY19 Orichalcos Shunoros (Common)
15AX-JPY20 Beast Machine King Barbaros Ur (Common)
15AX-JPY21 Beast King Barbaros (Secret Rare)
15AX-JPY22 Machine Lord Ur (Common)
15AX-JPY23 Fiendish Engine Ω (Common)
15AX-JPY24 Castle Gate (Common)
15AX-JPY25 Zeta Reticulant (Common)
15AX-JPY26 Greed Quasar (Common)
15AX-JPY27 Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest (Secret Rare)
15AX-JPY28 Mutant Mindmaster (Common)
15AX-JPY29 Dreadscythe Harvester (Common)
15AX-JPY30 Puppet King (Common)
15AX-JPY31 Dark Magician’s Knight (Secret Rare)
15AX-JPY32 Emes the Infinity (Common)
15AX-JPY33 Inferno Hammer (Common)
15AX-JPY34 Twin-Headed Beast (Common)
15AX-JPY35 Electromagnetic Bagworm (Common)
15AX-JPY36 Garma Sword (Common)
15AX-JPY37 Fiend’s Mirror (Common)
15AX-JPY38 Dark Paladin (Secret Rare, SY2 Artwork)
15AX-JPY39 Arcana Knight Joker (Secret Rare)
15AX-JPY40 XYZ Dragon Cannon (Common, SK2 Artwork)
15AX-JPY41 Union Attack (Common)
15AX-JPY42 Mesmeric Control (Common)
15AX-JPY43 Knight’s Title (Secret Rare)
15AX-JPY44 Shine Palace (Common)
15AX-JPY45 Insect Armor with Laser Cannon (Common)
15AX-JPY46 Spell of Pain (Common)
15AX-JPY47 Sebek’s Blessing (Common)
15AX-JPY48 Sword of Dragon’s Soul (Common)
15AX-JPY49 Garma Sword Oath (Common)
15AX-JPY50 Harpie’s Feather Duster (Secret Rare, Original Artwork)
15AX-JPY51 Ring of Destruction (Secret Rare, Errata’d Text)
15AX-JPY52 Crush Card Virus (Secret Rare, P5-03)
15AX-JPY53 Negate Attack (Common)
15AX-JPY54 Virus Cannon (Common)
15AX-JPY55 Acid Trap Hole (Common, P5-05 Artwork)
15AX-JPY56 Goblin Fan (Common)
15AX-JPY57 Slifer the Sky Dragon (Secret Rare, GB4 Artwork)
15AX-JPY58 Obelisk the Torementor (Secret Rare, GB4 Artwork)
15AX-JPY59 The Winged Dragon of Ra (Secret Rare, GB4 Artwork)


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