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[OCG] Duelist Exchange Meeting 2018 2nd

For store events in May and June, there won’t be Deck Experiences, instead it’ll be generalized player events.

As noted, Deck Experience Events won’t be held in May and June. Instead participating stores will be holding “Duelist Exchange Meetings”, more general free play events.

Events at the event include:

Free Play (i.e. play the Deck you like that’s Limit Regulation compliant)

Instructors. The premise here is Duel against their various oddball Decks and if you use the latest cards from May and June products, you get a Tournament Pack.

Goods Corner (Buy 1000 Yen worth of product and get a Special Card Stockcase)

Also, participants get a Field Center Card that they can use to determine field lay out even if there’s no Mats with designated zones:



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