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[OCG] Deck Custom Pack 01 Spoiler List

Probably not exciting for most of you, but this is still a thing.

All cards in the Set come as Commons and “Normal Parallel Rares”

DC01-JP001 Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight (Also comes in Parallel Rare)
DC01-JP002 Warrior lady of the Wasteland
DC01-JP003 Photon Thrasher
DC01-JP004 Blade Knight
DC01-JP005 Marauding Captain
DC01-JP006 Maha Vailo
DC01-JP007 Breaker the Magical Warrior (Also comes in Parallel Rare)
DC01-JP008 Milla the Temporal Magician
DC01-JP009 Royal Magical Library
DC01-JP010 White-Horned Dragon (Also comes in Parallel Rare)
DC01-JP011 Strong Wind Dragon
DC01-JP012 Vice Dragon
DC01-JP013 Twin-Headed Behemoth
DC01-JP014 Jinzo (Also comes in Parallel Rare)
DC01-JP015 Skelengel
DC01-JP016 Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu
DC01-JP017 Dandylion (Also comes in Parallel Rare)
DC01-JP018 Magnum Shield
DC01-JP019 Bound Wand (Also comes in Parallel Rare)
DC01-JP020 Dragon Shield
DC01-JP021 Smashing Ground (Also comes in Parallel Rare)
DC01-JP022 Magical Mallet
DC01-JP023 Mage Power
DC01-JP024 Solidarity
DC01-JP025 Rising Energy
DC01-JP026 Magician’s Circle
DC01-JP027 Dragon’s Rage
DC01-JP028 Magic Cylinder (ALso comes in Parallel Rare)
DC01-JP029 Time Machine
DC01-JP030 Secret Barrel



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