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[OCG] Clarification on Dimension Box Details

Specifically clarifying how many new cards come with this set.

Release Date: November 26th, 2016
Price: 3000 Yen (Minus Tax)
・4 Special Cards ※ Extra Secret Rare Parallel Foiling
・1 Set of a ARC-V Special Card Set (45 Cards)
※ 15 Ultra Rare Parallel Foil Cards, 30 Normal Parallel Foil Cards
・1 Special Storage Box
・4 different Special Card Cases (Made of Foil Paper)
・60 Special Protectors (i.e. Card Sleeves)

・The ARC-V Special Card Set includes 15 new cards and 30 reprinted cards used by major characters (from ARC-V) including Sakaki Yuya.

For clarification, while the 45 cards look like it should be a Deck by the number of cards, it is listed as a Special Card Set, and everything from description points to it being more of a miniature “Legendary Collection”.



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