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[OCG] [Cardobing] Gold Series 2014

The Grand Culmination of the Gold Series, “Gold Series 2014” goes on sale tomorrow!

The Grand Culmination of the Gold Series, “Gold Series 2014” goes on sale tomorrow (January 11th)!
The Cards included form an ultra extravagant suite the likes of which has never been seen before!

Gold Series 2014’s Chief Sales Points
・ It includes all three of the “Egyptian God” cards!!!
・ It includes the top 3 choices from the Online Poll!!!
・ In A Gold Series first, this set contains new cards! (three different ones)!
・ It also includes the four super-strong and super cool “Dragon Ruler” Dragons!!!!

Also, instead of 1 pack with 7 cards costing 300 Yen (plus tax), this time around, each pack includes 4 cards at a cost of 150 Yen (plus tax), making it much more affordable!

Now, go check out this product’s Product Page, It’s a Duelist Must!
Product Page: Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Official Card Game Gold Series 2014
└ You’ll be able to confirm the chief sales points mentioned above!

Pay Attention To These Cards That Supercharge A Ton of Decks!
Among the various cards capable of strengthening current Decks are, of note are the “Dragon Rulers” that span four of the game’s attributes!
They have the potentially to drastically improve the functionality of Decks based on the EARTH, WATER, FIRE and WIND Attributes!

The Key Features All “Dragon Rulers” Share
Their ability to Special Summon themselves from the hand or Graveyard is powerful! In order to activate this effect, you have to banish 2 monsters (of a mix and match of the same Attribute or Dragon-Type) from your hand and/or Graveyard. Also, each of them has the ability, upon being banished, to allow you to add a Dragon of the same Attribute from your Deck to your hand!

Check out these articles that will introduce you to the charm of the “Dragon Rulers”,then either make a new Deck or power-up your  existing Deck!
“Dragon Ruler” Special Feature 1: 4 Super Dreadnought Class Dragons of the EARTH, WATER, FIRE, WIND Attribute!
“Dragon Ruler” Special Feature 2: Various Decks Are Strengthened (EARTH & WATER Attribute)
“Dragon Ruler” Special Feature 3: Various Decks Are Strengthened (FIRE & WIND Attribute)
“Dragon Ruler” Special Feature 4: What Kind of Deck will you add “Dragon Rulers” To?



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