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[OCG] Boss Duels at Yu-Gi-Oh! Day

A new type of Duel is on the horizon, and it’s possibly one of the most exciting challenges yet!

Boss Duels:

Experience a new challenge, where one player uses an incredibly powerful Deck against more than 1 person!
(“A Boss vs up to 3 Players”(There are two sets, and up to 8 players can particpate))
The Details of these Decks are to remain a secret until the day of the event!
(Store Staff Members may use the Boss Deck.)

May Boss Decks:

“Pegasus” from “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters”.
He’s the Game Designer of the card game “Duel Monsters” and the honorary president of Game Company “Industrial Illusions”. He’s a first class Duelist, who could read the minds of his opponent using the “Millennium Eye” of the 7 Millennium Items, and was the source of many problems for Yugi and Kaiba. His main strategies involved transforming monsters into “Toon” monsters using Toon World, as well as using “Illusion” monsters, the strongest of which is “Relinquished”.

Don Thousand from “Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL”
The God of the Barian World who millennia ago, fought against Astral, and ended up sealed deep within the Barian World. Using the Seven Barian Emperor, he sought to collect the Numbers so that he could once again be reborn, invade the Human World, and is said to be the source of everyone’s problems in one way or another in ZEXAL’s universe. Using cards with the power of the “Numeron Code”, he caused Yuma and his friends a ton of trouble with strange and wonderous cards that could to rewrite whatever cards he wanted, let him summon the REAL Numbers 1 to 4, and bring forth “Number C1000”.

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