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[OCG Asia] Next Challengers Release Party

So something fun is happening soon for players in Asia!

[The] Release Party is a new mini tournament in the Asia region, where you will get to try out the newest cards from the pack! Here are the details!

Entry Fee: $28 (SGD)
Tournament Format: Sealed (With 10 booster packs received at entry), Swiss Format
Participants: Minimum of 8 players

2 August – Full-Yen Trading @ 2pm
3 August – Excel CS @ 2pm
TBC – Active Game Collection

Champion – NECH Playmat X 1
2nd place – NECH Packs X ½ No. of Duelists
3rd – 4th place – NECH Packs X ¼ No. of Duelists
Door gift – NECH Packs X 1

Sealed format rules:
1. Participants will build their deck using the 10 booster packs received at entry
2. Main deck requires minimum of 20 cards from the boosters
3. Extra deck must use cards from the boosters. You can have more then 15 Extra deck cards
4. Side deck cards uses cards which are not in your Main/Extra deck.
5. In between games, the total number of cards in your Main deck can be changed, as long as there is at least 20
6. The restriction on number of cards (3 per deck) is not applied

Yu-Gi-Oh! Edition Singapore

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