[OCG] 06/09/16 Rulings

This week with Millennium Pack, Movie Pack, Collectors Pack, and Duelist Pack cards.

06/09/16 Rulings

Q: When activating The True Name, can I declare the name of a Fusion, Synchro, or Xyz Monster?
A: The effect of The True Name excavates the top card of your Main Deck, and either adds it to your hand or sends it to the Graveyard. It is not possible to declare the name of a Fusion, Synchro, or Xyz Monster, which cannot exist in your Main Deck.

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Q: If a face-up Blade Garudia, the Cubic Beast on my field is returned to the top of my Deck by the effect of my opponent’s Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, can I activate the second effect of a Cubic Unification in my Graveyard?
A: Even if a face-up “Cubic” monster on your field is returned to the Deck by the effect of Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, you can activate the second effect of Cubic Unification. In that case, when Special Summoning a “Cubic” monster from your Deck, you can also Special Summon the monster that was just returned to your Deck (in this case, Blade Garudia, the Cubic Beast).

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Q: A Metal Reflect Slime treated as a monster by its own effect, a Volcanic Slicer, and The Blazing Mars are all face-up on my field. In this situation, can I activate the second effect of The Blazing Mars?
A: When activating the second effect of The Blazing Mars, you must send all other monsters on your field to the Graveyard as the cost. In this scenario, although you can activate the effect of The Blazing Mars, Metal Reflect Slime is not treated as a monster after it sent to the Graveyard, it is not included in the damage inflicted to your opponent. Therefore, your opponent takes only 500 damage for Volcanic Slicer.

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Q: A Vijam, the Cubic Spawn that was placed in my Spell & Trap Zone by its own effect and Scrum Force are both face-up on my field. In this situation, if my opponent activates Twister, targeting Scrum Force, can I apply the second effect of Scrum Force?
A: In this scenario, the second effect of Scrum Force can be applied. Vijam, the Cubic Spawn, which is treated as a Continuous Spell Card in your Spell & Trap Zone, can be chosen as the card to destroy instead of Scrum Force.

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Q: My opponent Special Summons my Cardian – Matsu from my Graveyard with the effect of Monster Reborn. In this situation, if my Cardian – Susuki ni Tsuki attacks and destroys Cardian – Matsu by battle, can I activate the last effect of Cardian – Susuki ni Tsuki?
A: Even in this scenario, since Cardian – Susuki ni Tsuki destroyed a monster by battle that was on your opponent’s field, you can activate its effect and draw 1 card.

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Q: During my opponent’s Main Phase 2, I activate Call of the Haunted and Special Summon a Dr. Frankenderp from my Graveyard. Due to the effect of Dr. Frankenderp, I look at and add the top card of my Deck to my hand, and my next Draw Phase will be skipped. In this scenario, during the End Phase, if the effect of my Cardian – Ameshikou activates, which effects can I apply?
A: In this scenario, even if your next Draw Phase will be skipped by the effect of Dr. Frankenderp, the effect of your Cardian – Ameshikou that activates during your opponent’s End Phase will activate and resolve normally. At this time, you can choose either “●” effect. (Note that if you choose the effect that skips your next Draw Phase, both the effect of Dr. Frankenderp and Cardian – Ameshikou will be applied at the same time, and only your next Draw Phase is skipped.)

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Q: Silent Sword is activated by targeting Silent Swordsman. If my opponent chains TG1-EM1, switching control of a “T.G.” monster and my Silent Swordsman, how does Silent Sword resolve?
A: In this scenario, if the monster targeted with Silent Sword is on your opponent’s field when its effect resolves, the effect does not apply. (The targeted monster does not gain 1500 ATK, and does not become unaffected by your opponent’s card effects this turn.)

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Q: I have 4 cards in my hand, while my opponent has 2 cards in theirs. If I activate a Set Silent Burning from my Spell & Trap Zone, can my opponent chain Null and Void?
A: Null and Void can be chained to the activation of Silent Burning. In this scenario, after the effect of Null and Void is applied, Silent Burning will resolve. Firstly, each player determines how many cards they would draw (in your case 2 and in your opponent’s case 4), then that many cards will be revealed to each other from the top of your respective Decks and sent to the Graveyard without being drawn.

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Q: Neutron Blast is activated, targeting Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. If Forbidden Lance is chained, and that Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon becomes unaffected by Spell effects, how does Neutron Blast resolve?
A: When resolving the effect of Neutron Blast, if the targeted Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is unaffected by Spell effects, the effects of Neutron Blast are not applied.

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Q: The effect of Neutron Blast is applied, and the affected Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon attacks my opponent’s face-up Attack Position Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. If both monsters are destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, can my opponent activate Rope of Life?
A: In this scenario, if the effect of Neutron Blast has been applied, even if your attacking Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is destroyed by battle, your opponent cannot activate any cards or effects until the Damage Step ends, so Rope of Life cannot be activated at the end of the Damage Step.

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Q: When performing a Tribute Summon by applying the effect of Tribute Burial, can the Tribute Summon be negated by Solemn Warning?
A: A Tribute Summon performed by applying the effect of Tribute Burial can be negated by Solemn Warning. Even if the Tribute Summon is negated by Solemn Warning, the monsters banished from each Graveyard will remain banished.

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Q: Simorgh, Bird of Ancestry is face-up on my field, and its effect that allows WIND monsters to be Tribute Summoned with 1 less Tribute is applying. In this case, if I activate Tribute Burial, can I Tribute Summon a Raiza the Wind Monarch?
A: In this scenario, since the effect of Simorgh, Bird of Ancestry is applying, Raiza the Wind Monarch requires 1 less Tribute to Tribute Summon. Since the Tribute Summon of Raiza the Wind Monarch does not require 2 Tributes in this case, you cannot perform the Tribute Summon by applying the effect of Tribute Burial.

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Q: Dark Sanctuary is face-up in my Field Zone. During my opponent’s End Phase, I activate 2 Set copies of Destiny Board from my Spell & Trap Zone. In that case, when resolving the effect of each Destiny Board, what order can I place the “Spirit Message” cards in?
A: The effect of Dark Sanctuary does not change the order in which the effect of Destiny Board places the “Spirit Message” cards on the field. In this scenario, each copy of Destiny Board will place a Spirit Message “I” on the field.

Source: http://www.db.yugioh-card.com/yugiohdb/faq_search.action?ope=5&fid=11041&keyword=&tag=-1

(Friendly reminder that the English text of Destiny Board is wrong for implying you can choose the placement order.)

Q: The effect of Dark Sanctuary is applied, and a Spirit Message “I” and Spirit Message “N” have been Special Summoned and treated as Normal Monsters. In this situation, if my opponent Special Summons Lava Golem from their hand with its own Summoning procedure, can they Tribute my Spirit Message “I” and Spirit Message “N”?
A: If the effect of Dark Sanctuary was applied, and Spirit Message “I” and Spirit Message “N” are treated as Normal Monsters, they can be Tributed. In this scenario, your Spirit Message “I” and Spirit Message “N” are Tributed, and Lava Golem is Special Summoned to your field. Since Spirit Message “I” and Spirit Message “N” left the field, the second effect of Destiny Board will be applied, and all copies of Destiny Board and all “Spirit Message” cards on your field will be sent to the Graveyard.

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Q: During my Standby Phase, if I activate the effect of Wrecker Panda, but my opponent chains Photon Stream of Destruction so that Wrecker Panda is banished when its effect resolves, what happens?
A: In this scenario, even if Wrecker Panda is not face-up on the field when its effect resolves during your Standby Phase, the effect of sending the top card of your Deck to the Graveyard is still applied. Since Wrecker Panda is no longer on the field, if the card sent by this effect is a monster, the part of the effect that increases the ATK of Wrecker Panda is not applied.

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