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[Obelisk Force] DARK Fusion Deck

Or: “Please use the Predator Plants and Starve Venom Fusion Dragon Cards.”


“DARK Fusion Deck”

Deck Explainations:
A Deck that aims to Fusion Summon using “Fusion Subtitute” and “Fusion Gate”.

Since essentially all of your monsters are DARK, you can easily attempt to Fusion Summon “Starve Venom Fusion Dragon”. Also, “Scpaeghost” and “Blackwing – Gofu the Vague Shadow” can Special Summon the Tokens to use to Fusion Summon “First of the Dragons”.

By Tributing a “Predator Plant Squid Drosera” on the field to activate “Super Solar Nutrient”, you can Special Summon “Predator Plant Fly Hell”, then return the “Predator Plant Squid Drosera” from your Graveyard to your hand, thus allowing for a combo to destroy all of your opponent’s monsters using the effects of the “Predator Plants”.

3 Predator Plant Fly Hell
1 Predator Plant Moray Nepenthes
3 Predator Plant Squid Drosera
3 Lonefire Blossom
1 Tour Guide from the Underworld
1 Sangan
2 Scapeghost
1 Blackwing – Gofu the Vague Shadow
3 Lunalight Black Sheep
3 Lunalight White Rabbit

3 Fusion Substitute
2 Fusion Gate
3 Fire Formation – Tenki
1 Harpie’s Feather Duster
2 Dark Eruption
2 Super Solar Nutrient

3 Dimension Barrier
3 Solemn Strike

3 Starve Venom Fusion Dragon
2 First of the Dragons
1 Lunalight Panther Dancer
1 Lunalight Cat Dancer
2 Dragonecro Nethersoul Dragon
1 Dragocytos Corrupted Nethersoul Dragon
1 Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons
1 Formula Synchron
1 Super Quantal Beast Grampulse
1 Sky Cavalry Centaurea
1 Number 65: Djinn Buster



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