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[Duel Links] D.D. Tower: Fire Dimension

The D.D. Tower appears and with it, an onslaught of Fire Attribute Monsters as your foes.

“Duel Fire Monsters! Aim To Climb the D.D. Tower”!

  1. You have to Duel the monsters guarding the tower (such as Poki Draco, Blast Asmodian, and Stray Asmodian).
  2. You must duel all the monsters and clear floors.
  3. Your LP carries over from one Duel to the next, and if your LP drops to 0, you’re kicked ut of the tower and need to reclimb the entire thing. Use LP Potions to return your LP to 4000.

4. By defeating the monsters, you’ll be able to gather Mission Points. Mission Points in turn can be used to get “Different Dimension Boxes” and various items.

Using LP Potions, you can restore your life to 4000.

For clearing the Floor, you can get various cards, such as:

  • Pyrorex the Elemental Lord (Ultra Rare)
  • Royal Firestorm Guards (Super Rare)
  • Darkfire Soldier #2 (Rare)
  • Darkfire Dragon (Rare)
  • Giant Turtle Who Feeds on Flames (Rare)

And from the Dimension Box, you can pull cards like:

  • Salamandra
  • Raging Flame Sprit
  • Enemy Controller
  • Champion’s Vigilance

Combo 1: “Pyrorex the Elemental Lord” + “Lava Golem”

You can Tribute 2 of your opponent’s monsters to Special Summon “Lava Golem”! And then destroy “Lava Golem” with the “Pyrorex the Elemental Lord”. You’ll be able to inflict 1500 Damage, and then attack directly. But since it inflicts 1500 damage to you, be mindful of your remaining LP!

Combo 2: “Royal Firestorm Guards” + “Darkfire Soldier #2” + “Raging Flame Sprite”

Basically return Pyro-Type monsters like “Darkfire Soldier #2” and “Raging Flame Sprite” back to your Deck with “Royal Firestorm Guards”. They also recommend getting more Pyro-Type monsters from the 2nd Mini Box “Flame of the Tyrant”.



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